Mettu University

September 2013 – Present  Ethiopia

Subjects Taught-
Introduction to Programming Language for I Statistics
Theory of Computations for III CSE
Introduction to Data Base  for II CSE

research project Mettu University Student Registration Management System(MeUSRMS) – (from oct 2013 -sept 2014)

  • principal investigator of the project.
  • for registrar office automation.
  • project completed successfully.

***My invented thrust-er has got an opportunity to launch into space with satellite under HDP program.


Success Innovative Research Center

March 2002 – Present (12 years 3 months) Ranipet

I am working on satellite thruster for the past 18years. and filed 2 patent on “advanced space engine”. and “Balanced Angular Momentum with Frictional Thruster”. which is specially applicable for deep space application. as a thruster. and it is reference free thruster and also fuel free thruster. which is works on 15 watts electrical energy. which produces one newton force. function on solar energy. based on mass wave thruster. like introducing quantum mechanics law in classical physics(wave partical theiory). its fuel free. no outside interaction in space.
its my individual invention.

Another invention is in the “all optical logic gates”. planed to do research in jan 1996. fiorst design in 1997. prepared a project book in 2001. experimentally done with Michelson interferometer in 2004. with 142 pico second. for the logic gates of NOT and XOR gates. filed patent in 2006.
now i planed to make it in integrated circuits. and design the the full-adder circuits and multiplexer circuits. experimentally. i am looking for an opportunity.

And I might have gone through other private research consulting orders with india direct and networth systems. “Mini Scada Solutions for Web Based Monitoring and Controls for Wind Mills” by the year 2010 as preliminary architect. project at kayatharu for BOTLIBOI. it is completed successfully. and with the same team started with on “Home Based Hydro Power Plant” by the year 2012 as preliminary architect. under progress.

Asst Professor (Senior)

Sree Vidhya Nikethan Engineering college

July 2012 – August 2013 (1 year 2 months) Tirupati Area, India

Subjects Taught-
Wireless Networks for MTech- CNIS.
Embedded Systems for Final year BTech ECE.
OOPS for Final year BTech EIE.
Unix Programming for Third year CSE.

During the stay at vidhyanikethan i was ratified by JNTU Ananthapur.
Delivered technical talk on “Quantum Computing” for continuous one month as FDP.

Asst Professor

Arignar Anna Inst Of Science And Technology

August 2011 – July 2012 (1 year) Chennai Area, India

Subjects Taught

Data structures for I yr MTech CSE.
Operating systems for I yr Mtech CSE.
Fundamentals of computing for I yr BTech EIE, Mech

During the stay at Arignar anna inst of science and technology
*** I filed a patent on “Balanced angular momentum with frictional thruster”
*** Completed “Intelectual Patent Rights” Course conducted by FICCI.
*** Completed “Innovation readiness series” course conducted by Texaus university -austin – USA, IC2 institute – USA. FICCI -india, and DST govt of india.

Asst Professor

Kingston Engineering College

June 2010 – December 2010 (7 months) Vellore

subjects taughts
programming paradigms -JAVA- for III BTech IT.
Object oriented systems for II BTech IT.

During the stay at Kingston

Iinitiated to launch a satellite by the institute. i interacted with the isro small satellite director ragav moorthy, for getting the launch support. and it is sanctioned from Department of Space through ISRO.

And I got an option to demonstrate my invention in ISRO Head quarters in front of propulsion directors, antrix directors, Response directors. and they cannot understand my technology. because it is new wave particle based technology.
I didnt done the overall efficiency and input electric power required for the engine, and output force produced by the engine. velocity and acceleration curves, impulse curve, so they ask me to demonstrate with space qualifications and the all these parameters.
Now I completed all the parameters and waiting for an another opportunity to demonstrate.

Asst Professor

Ganathipathy Tulsis Jain Engineering College

January 2009 – May 2010 (1 year 5 months) Vellore

Subjects Taughts
Computer Architecture for I yr MTech CSE
Compiler Design for III yr CSE
Data base management systems for II yr cse
OOPS for II yr ECE
DBMS for II MTech cse

During the stay at GTEC,
I was played as asst. HOD. worked with industry interaction like ISRO and departmental works.
5S consulting.

Research, 5S Consultant

Micro Small and Medium Enterprises of India (MSME)

Nonprofit; 11-50 employees; Financial Services industry

December 2007 – December 2008 (1 year 1 month) Guindi, Chennai

Research & 5S consultant for Perungudi Engineering Cluster, Perungudi, Chennai, India.


SRM University

Educational Institution; 501-1000 employees; Education Management industry

June 2007 – November 2007 (6 months) Kattangullathur

I taught
Data structure for II cse
Embedded systems for IV CSE

During the stay at SRM
*** I filed complete specification of patent on “advanced space engine”
*** I filed complete specification of patent on “Fuel Free motor cum generator”
*** Complete specification of patent on Design and Testing All Optical logic Gates”


Ranipet Engineering College

2006 – April 2007 (1 year) Ranipet

Subject Taught
OOPs for II yr cse
Web Technology for IV yr cse

During the stay at REC
Positioned as placement officer.
Concentrated on research and innovation.
Initiated and perused research on advanced space engine.
Filed provisional patent on “advanced space engine”
Filed provisional patent on “design and testing all optical logic gates”

Software Enggineer

IQnet Soft

May 1999 – March 2002 (2 years 11 months) Chennai

Worked on 3 Embedded projects.
For AC motor, DC motor, PH control control using fuzzy logic using c++.

Initiated cross assembler projects.

During the stay at IQNET softs
Advanced space engine and optical logic circuits project’s ground work is carried.

Management Trainee


Public Company; 10,001+ employees; KNEBV; Mechanical or Industrial Engineering industry

May 1998 – February 1999 (10 months) Chennai

During the stay at kone
Worked on payroll processing, work order, software development for personal department. in foxpro and informix. with R4GL.