Research consulting which includes technology improvement in product and process(p & P) design and developing inventive electrical, electronics, optical, energy generating systems, mechanical and aero module with software controlled in commercial and space applications.

I can give research consulting in engineering stream. I have high end problem solving capability with innovation by research.


Rocket propulsion, Satellite Thruster (Mechanical Engg..)

Electric Thruster(propulsive non propulsive)

Worked on physics-thrust-force-velocity-acceleration of space flight. Impulse force of thruster. Application of electromagnetic principal to space flight transportation-mass wave principles in space flight transportation.

Clear study of force and its types. Clear study of permeability in in kinematic and electrical and magnetic domain. Clear study of drag and friction force with permeability.

Worked on all kinds of waves(cross sectional, longitudinal, and electromagnetic) with different kind of propagation.

Worked on different kind of energy

Worked on magnetics-force-torque-frequency-electromagnetics-standard magnet

Electrical and electronics : current-voltage-inductance- capacitance- resistance- all transistors, diodes, switches and relays capable to design different electronic circuits, impedance- power factor-power-induction. Motor -generator Transformer, and more…

Optical computing, Quantum computing (Photonics-Electronics Engg.)

Worked on optics-interference-diffraction-polarization-fiber optics principles. Designed, developed an experimental model for quantum logic gates with conventional truth table

Wireless communications (Electronics Engg.)

Little work on electromagnetic wave communication system technology with zigbee. Basic electronic circuits and components like Resistance capacitance and inductance- and filters – amplifiers- oscillators, filters, transmitter and receivers…


we are doing customized software in client server module with database application and also with our other domain areas in c, c++, java and database like oracle, analysis software like Matlab, ansys, and design software Pro-E, autoCAD in both unix and windows os.


A Japanese practice for improving professional industrial employment lifestyle, industrial architecture and better work environment. It slowly improves productivities, quality products, reduces times and relieves psychological distress among employees thereby enhancing quality.

Completed Research Consulting Projects on

Home based hydro power plant

it is an hydro power plant with solar and hydro technology. which involves solar power plant and embedded with hydro, by handling potential energy of the water with 20 meters head with Pelton turbine and also the recommended for kaplan turbine. with 2 kw home based unit.

Wind Mill Operational Control and Monitoring Unit

it is a wind mill monitoring system with scada based application. my task is to design the health monitoring and controlling by mesh network system as Technology Architect. and proficient in wind mill technology. i can design the wind mill as invention.

Mettu University Student Registration Management System

This is an software for registrar office of Mettu university. and i played as an overall technology architect. and principal investigator. i done requirement gathering, designing, Analyzing, specification document creation, and little on coding, and testing…

Current Project

Research Consultancy

i got consulting opportunity for SOR hydro electric power plant(HEPP) of 5MW in mettu town by an Ethiopian Electric Unit. for repair and renovation of power plant. with the technical problems and renovation of technology. the problems are in control systems and circuit breaker and governors like mechanical and electrical unit…. and some mild problems…

Hydro power plant(200KW)

proposed the mini (200kw) Hydro electric power plant in the sor river, along with the sor river power plant. we are planed for SCADA based control systems…. so for the first phase we are designing the control system by SCADA technology and design of the system by the first phase….