·         Home Based Hydroelectric Power Plant, consulting to India direct (May 2013 to Jun 2013)

  1. 1kw Hydro power plant output
  2. 1 Kw Solar pad input. with keplan turbine.
  3. Design, analysis and specification document development.

·         Mini Scada Solutions for Web Based Monitoring and Controls for Wind Mills, consulting to India direct (June 2010- Oct 2010)

  1. Development of Communication module for communications between the windmill to the local server
  2. Overall design, analysis and Specification Document Development.

·         Advanced Space Engines; (Jan 2004 till date); SIRC, Chennai, India

  1. THRUSTERS (Balanced Angular Momentum with Frictional Thruster): Developing solutions to succeed with different technology for deep space transportation.
  2. Developed Lab scale model
  3. Analysis using C++ and Matlab ( Please refer to sirc.co.in )
  4. Achieved ACS module with close to 1N with electric systems
  5. Achieved with lesser weight ACS long life systems

·         Designing and Testing of all – Optical Logic Gates; (Feb 2002 – May 2005); SIRC, Chennai; India

  1. Design and Tested High Speed Optical Logic gates.
  2. Achieved the time speed to = Femto second logic gates.
  3. It has an optical technology and can be inherited to function like current electronic gates technology.
  4. Experimental model developed. ( Please refer to sirc.co.in )

·         Advanced Motors; (Mar 2002 till date); SIRC, Chennai; India

  1. Analysis using C++ and Matlab
  2. Achieved lower bandwidth motor for less output force. ( Please refer to sirc.co.in )
  3. It can work as both motor and can generator.
  4. Magnetic energy has been converted into mechanical and electric energy.
  5. Lab scale test performed. By conceptual test.

·         Electromagnetic Metrology; ( Feb 2006 till date); SIRC Chennai; India

  1. Involved in the study of finding the five physical property (Temperature, pressure flow rate, noise, and vibration) of rocket and flight engines for the Gas Turbine Research and Establishment (GTRE) lab of DRDO, Government of India.

·         Embedded Software Cluster; (Apr 1999 – Feb 2001); IQ Net softs; Client- Infocrust Technologies

  1.  PH Controlling Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
  2. DC Motor Controlling Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
  3. FUZZY Controller for AC-Motor

·         Kone Management Information Systems (KMIS); (Jun 1998 – Apr 1999) ; Kone Elevators India Ltd., Chennai – India.

  1. Management trainee.
  2. Software developer, as a single player dealing with personal and HR module with finance module