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BLOCK HOLE A STUDY      – Senthil Kumar


Black hole is an important object in space science, which is not fully defined by today. Some prediction says that black hole is an empty space where nothing is presented in the place. My perception is that it is a solid medium with high permeability, extreme mass and high inter bonding aspects. Since it has high permeability by high inter bonding aspects. Objects are gets close together and their bonds and tighten together. And they have extreme powerful bond, which cannot shake for any force. That’s why any electromagnetic wave cannot make vibrate the bond. And even since they are bonded with high scale of bonding power, which will leads to no shaking and no wave is produced and also no external waves cannot make the black hole objects which has high electric, magnetic and mechanical power to vibrate. So, whatever the wave, electromagnetic wave which falls on the black hole will not reflect or refract or diffract since the black whole objects are high inter bonding aspects, so black hole will not shown as any color and it looks like black. Since it has high mass, and very basic subatomic components are close together, will leads to high bond nature. So it has extreme gravitational power because of heavy mass.

Satellite Program in Ethiopia through Cluster of University    -Initiator of Satellite Project in Ethiopia – Senthil Kumar


Today our technology has raised to the satellite era in the world, To meet the requirement of the nation security and communication and also science and engineering domain. Developed nation has been leading the world in the satellite technology to reach next world. And also get reliable life in the world. The world has using the satellite for many application of engineering technology and communication technology.

To develop the satellite for our nations need to get elevate in space technology, and gets develop nation with space domain to improve in economic, GDP and even in agriculture and also by life style of the peoples. With this constraint we have to took the first step towards to develop a satellite by the cluster of our university with suitable satellite. We prefer the metrology for mining aspects and landscape finding and draught finding through satellite for the development of nation.  We prefer metrology satellite is best for this case with our budget and also for the needs of nations, for finding minerals and for agriculture purpose. Which can be in low earth orbit, and also it can be in line of site by 14 minutes by around 3 times in a week. So it follows store and forward mechanism, which is highly match for this applications.

This paper will classify the satellite based on the mass with their application and their orbit. And then we are going to identify the right satellite for our beginning stage of our nation growth in space technology. And feasibility study for making satellite, and requirement analysis for the reliable satellite development process, Identity the launch support from the nation, and crystallize the ground station facility for the satellite technology.



When a EM wave of a given frequency hits the electron around the nucleus. Consequently there may be with respect of the magnetic field of the wave, which will boosts the electron velocity around the nucleus by means of electromagnetic induction and also Fleming right hand law, consequently the velocity of the electron which is revolving the nucleus increases and hence as like in the rubber band technique with revolving object, will takes a goes to outer orbit, and after it gets back to the inner orbit by means of the negative half cycle magnetic field, which will reduces the velocity. And we feel that that electron will exert the EM wave this is so called in normal reaction taking place in laser and photo electric effect or in any.

Keywords: Electron state,mechanism of energy-conversion in electron Electromagnetic wave and electron in  reaction,  photo electric effect, electron, valence band, conduction band, electron excitation.