• My invented rocket engine is going to launch into space by pocket cube satellite under HDP program.
  • Perusing/succeeded Research on
  1. “Advanced Space Engine” – (patent filed)
  2. “Balanced angular momentum with frictional thruster”, space thruster-(patent filed)
  3. “Design and testing all optical logic gates”, Optical Computers – (patent filed)
  4. Special Motor Development-Free Energy System – (patent filed)
  • Preliminary Technical Architect for “Home based hydro power plant” for Networth systems.
  • Preliminary Technical Architect for “Mini Scada Solutions for Web Based Monitoring and Controls for Wind Mills” for Networth systems.
  • Principal Investigator for “MeUSRMS” research project at Mettu university, Ethiopia.
  • Currently undergoing research on electromagnetic metrology for measurement of temperature in IC and Rocket engine.
  • My invention has been shortlisted in top 110 technology in “Lockahead Martin india innovation program” in 2011.
  • Ratified Asst prof by JNTU Ananthapur